Laura van den Enden

Delft, The Netherlands
Artist, Designer and Writer
Lives and works in The Hague, NL

BA Fine Arts
The Royal Academy of Arts The Hague

BOL Art and Design
Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

We are connected, but what really makes us human? Through textiles and audio installations ideas around time, communication, translation and limits of language are explored. With a strong sense for the environmental future, Laura tries to connect and disconnect. How do we want to be remembered? How do we monumentalize our voice? And do we matter through matter?



︎   (Post) Human Imaginaries
/22   Kortevijverberg 2, The Hague

/21   Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague

︎   Weave the Way
/21   Coolhavenstraat, Rotterdam

︎   A Finger in Every Pie
/20   Binkhorstlaan and Jupiterkade, The Hague

︎    I suppose I would call it a bit confused
/20   Mushroom Radio, The Hague

︎    Bonuskaart?
/19    Trixie, The Hague

︎    Eindexpositie
/17    GLR, Rotterdam

︎    Futures First
/16    Gallery RR, Vlietlaan, Rotterdam

︎    Jubileum Expo Marisk
/16    Hofboederij, Wateringen

︎    The Grand Opening Vindx Pop Up
/15    Grote Binckerstraat, Amsterdam

︎    Utopia or Apocalyps
/15    GLR, Rotterdam

︎    Otherground
/15    OT301, Amsterdam

💬️    Inspiratieavond Hedendaagse Kunst
/20   Honours College, Universiteit Leiden


Mail or call to
+31 (0)6 12 47 46 08


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I am always open for
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