To Be Taped


Reel-to-Reel Recorder, Tapes, Microphone,
Projector, Brick and Light.
Duration: 52 minutes

The tape recorder, microphone, speaker, and television are waiting for a human being to let the activities happen. In this set-up, the installation is passive. It is comfortable and uncomfortable at once. ->

The reel to-reel recorder plays one tape, without any content. You just hear the mechanic process of the recorder and the sound of the tape sliding softly. Because the tape recorder is being defect, it creates sounds that are alienated to us. There is a play between expectation and reality. It questions what we hear, and who is being recorded? But it is also a metaphor of trying to speak up without the ability to do so. The broken recorder as the fragile connection of the body and the spirit not being able to vocalize. The installation talks about willingness to speak out, but not being understood.